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The Studio Academy of Dance & Music Rules and Regulations 2020

1. Once you have signed up for dance- Please let us know BY PHONE - 775-344-8300, if you are not able to attend dance class.

2.PROPER DANCE ATTIRE: **If you DO NOT have any of these things, please purchase them ASAP** We do carry most everything at the Studio for purchase**

  •  Hair Must be pulled up in a Bun, or pulled up out of your face.

  • Black or Pink Leotards

  • Pink or Black Ballet tights (most performances you will need PINK ballet tights)

  • Black Jazz Pants, black shorts(boys) , black sweats(boys) ,White Shirt (Boys)

  • Pink or Black Ballet shoes, Black Jazz Shoes, Black Tap shoes

3. ​ Your Teacher is here to teach, for your own good as well as others, please be Respectful, NO TALKING when your teacher is talking, not even whispering to your fellow partners.

4. Refrain from Correcting others. (That's The Teachers Job)

5. If you need to leave the  class to use the Restroom, or for any other reason, please do so quietly and return back to class immediately

6. THIS IS A CELLPHONE FREE ZONE - We ask all students to turn off your cellphones, Not just Vibrate as sometimes that still makes noise, If you need to use your phone for any particular reason, please ask  for permission, as we  want everyone to enjoy their dance experience without any distractions!

7. PLEASE NO DISRUPTING OTHER CLASSES IN SESSION- We ask that you DO NOT run, jump, No cartwheels, no yelling etc in the waiting area, if you are waiting for your parent or your next class, please find something quiet to do.

8. NO EATING ANYWHERE EXCEPT KITCHEN- We ask that ALL students eat and drink in the kitchen, we Don't want to have mice visitors.

9. Most of all we want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable dance experience!

10. Don't forget to dance your feet silly!

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